Economics and Law in Business

Study programme:

Economics and Management B6208

Study branch: Economics and Law in Business 6208R011
Form of study: Full-time
Length of study: 3 years (6 semesters)
Tuition fee: 42 000 CZK / year (2 semesters) 1550 EUR / year
Language: Czech 
Acreditation valid since: 1. 9. 2019

The goal of bachelor study programme 

The goal of the Economics and Law in Business study programme is to equip its students with theoretical and practical knowledge for management and expert positions in small and mid-sized companies in all business branches. The program also enables the students to work in public administration and services. The graduates of this programme would mainly benefit from knowledge and skills in applied law for business.

After completing this Bachelor study programme

The graduates will master the commercial, financial and labour law theory and practical application for companies with focus on concluding commercial contracts, managing insolvency and auction procedures, and also will acquire good orientation in the world of competition and public contracts.
Besides general management jobs in small and mid-sized companies, the graduates will be qualified to take up positions with higher requirements in legal matters, for example:

  • chief clerk,
  • the head of a law firm,
  • specialist officer in the state administration and services,
  • administrative assistant,
  • start-up entrepreneur,
  • HR specialist.