1st reason

We can recite well, and therefore teach you, we are able to attract and expand your horizons, try to connect theory with practice. We Erasmus and support you, if you want to go abroad.

2nd reason

We are located in the city center, recite also in English, we are a multicultural college. Unites generations, we are responsive to their students-clients and their individual needs. We respect that each of us is unique.

3rd reason

We unite graduates VŠKE and organize for them extra lectures, and in support of student life (day zero, dating party, Christmas party, ball VŠKE, graduation party, boating water) we want to be with students and graduates are still in touch.

4th reason

In the study may be obtained free of internationally valid certificate "Cisco Academy"

5th reason

In this course "special firearms training" you can get a gun license.

6th reason

Without entrance exams - is only motivational interviewing



We will help you to find accommodation in Brno

There are many ways to find accommodation in Brno. Students usually look for accommodation themselves, use help of their friends or families, or they contact real estate agencies. However, for new students it is difficult to deal with the accommodation issues because they do not know the city and are they are often not sure where to start looking for a flat and also roommates. 

Since 2010, we have been offering the chance to use the project COLLEGE Living. Within this project, our partner company will help you find accommodation as close to the college as possible. They will, of course, respect your ideas about the flat. They will also help you to find roommates if you want to reduce your accommodation costs. 

When you share a flat in Brno, you will monthly pay approximately 3,000 CZK – the final price depends on the size of the flat, its condition and the number of people living there. The price range per person is 2,500 – 4,000 CZK, which is similar to prices for accommodation provided by dormitories of state universities. However, the quality of the offered accommodation is much higher than the quality of dormitories – you can have a look yourselves:

For those of you who choose to use the service of COLLEGE Living, the process of searching for accommodation will be much easier. COLLEGE Living will learn about your needs and requirements, and they will find accommodation that suits you. Several our students are employed by the COLLEGE. They will, therefore, be able to help you to find the most suitable accommodation and also provide you with other useful information. This is a highly convenient service for students who do not know the city well. If you need more information or help with accommodation issues, please contact:


Jaro Kováč
project manager
Tel.: +420 608 150 100
e-mail: kovac@ecollege.cz


In cooperation with secondary vocational school and professional school Brno – Bosonohy, the college offers accommodation in two- and three-bed rooms with sanitary facilities.
Our students will be able to use their own kitchen, and there is also a canteen in the hostel area. They will also be able to stay in the hostel at the weekends. There is a sports area for all kinds of ball games, a gymnasium and a fitness centre with modern equipment and a pool table. Students can also use a library, WiFi connection and a laundry room.
The price is 1,700 CZK per month.
How to get to the hostel: trams 6 and 8 towards Starý Lískovec, change at the terminus to bus 69 (towards Bosonohy) – get off at the stop Skalní. From the main railway station, it is about 20 minutes.

PhDr. Zdeněk Rous
Tel.: 547 120 641 (from 7.00 to 15.00)
e-mail: rous@soubosonohy.cz

Accommodation near the Campus Square

We are offering accommodation in twin rooms in the lodging house of the University Hospital Brno located in Bohunice, Brno. The lodging house is situated near the Campus Square.

All the rooms are furnished, and there is a toilet with a washbasin. A bathroom (with a shower) and a kitchen are shared by all rooms on the floor. Each room also has a balcony.

All rooms have an Internet connection.
Price: 2,827 CZK per person per month (at the beginning of the accommodation, it is necessary to pay the amount of 2-month rent, and then the rent is paid in advance for the following month)

Contact :
telephone : 532 238 004, 532 238 001
e-mail: zpolacek@fnbrno.cz
address : Ubytovna FN Brno, Netroufalky 1, Brno 625 00