Business Simulator of Karel Englis (BSKE)

Is it really possible to interconnect theory with practice?

A successful college graduate should possess not only theoretical knowledge but also should be able to use the information and skills in everyday practice. This set of experience should be ideally gathered during the studies!
Every college or university promises its applicants and students to interconnect the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies with practice. However, most of the universities finally settle for integrating a few specialists into the educational procedure, they offer their students visits to prestigious companies, and advertise internships online. Can we say that this stands for connecting theory with practice?
Karel Englis College takes a different approach!


In collaboration with Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and other business partners, Karel Englis College, Inc. has started a Business Simulator that offers college students long-term vocational internships and participation in the preparation process of business projects and analyses. The Business Simulator creates suitable conditions for students to enable them to carry out these activities as well as publish and present their projects results. Already during their studies at the college students acquire a whole range of practical skills, they realize the links among the individual subjects, and adopt some good principles of company culture.
To be directly involved in operating processes of a company is more beneficial than only receiving theoretical information in lecture halls!

Business Simulator Activities:

Students internship and work experience in companies
The study schedule is designed to enable students accomplish long-term internships in companies according to their branch – management, economics, IT systems, security and law. During their internship they get a detailed overview of how the company operates, they adopt company culture principles, presentation skills, and they improve their language skills. They have a unique opportunity to find a job during their studies and in which case the college is ready to change their form of study from the full-time programme to the combined form.

The projects and other results coming from working in companies are part of the study procedure and the college can present and use them for students publishing activities.

Projects in partnership with business sphere
In Business Simulator students work on current company projects submitted by companies cooperating with the college. The work groups combine students from all years of studies, high school students and Master programme students can be also part of the team. The projects are carried out in cooperation with the college academic staff and companies’ representatives. The final results are presented to the companies’ management and can also be published. This activity encourages not only team work but enables students to work on their language and writing skills as well.

Start-up Academy
The college supports interesting business projects started by students. The college offers its students a possibility to process materials for their start-ups and obtain financial resources. College students can hand in their business projects during the whole calendar year. The Business Simulator application form is available in the college information system.

Succeed at the job market!

A graduate with a future career potential should be internally motivated and should not have the expectations and ambitions set too high at the beginning of the career, as it might get difficult without experience and practice. Language skills (good knowledge of at least one world language) and computer skills are a must, not an advantage, according to employers’ requirements nowadays.
We choose to enable our students to acquire these skills, not just know about them. We intend to let students face the real life situations and under the supervision of our tutors and mentors, students learn to deal with them. Interconnecting studies with practice is desirable and unavoidable in most areas of our lives.

With the help of the simulator, students learn not only to do research and apply the information found, but also work in a team, work under pressure, look for a solution, and present the results of their work.

Things you´ve tried, you´ve acquired!

Only the things you’ve tried you could fully acquire!