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Karel Englis College, a.s. is a private college, which has been engaged in providing academic education in bachelor’s programs since it was founded on 31stJanuary 1999.
Karel Englis College, a.s. provides education in the cities of Brno and Liberec. During its existence, more than 1,000 students have successfully completed their studies.
On 25th November 2011, Karel Englis College, in cooperation with other Czech and Slovak colleges and universities, organized the 6th International Scientific Conference titled “Economics and Law – Synergy or Antagonism?”. The aim of this conference was to reflect and discuss current trends in theory and practice in the wider scope of economic and juridical environment in the Czech Republic and in the EU.
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Ing. Karel Englis, a grandson of Prof. Karel Englis, took over the patronage of this conference. The conference also marked the 10th anniversary of the inception of teaching at the College. In the past years, the patronage over the conferences was taken over by various specialists such as the former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, or by deans and vice-chancellors from various Czech and Slovak economic faculties.

Karel Englis College regularly organizes workshops conducted in cooperation with the students of the College. In these workshops, many distinguished figures of Czech entrepreneurial, banking and political stages have delivered lectures.
Karel Englis College regularly earmarks financial resources for the activities of its internal grant agency. College students cooperate on the grants and thus gain experience with application of their theoretical knowledge in entrepreneurial environment.

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Overview of valid accreditations and study specializations taught in the Czech language

Study program Economics and Management

Study branch:
                                   - MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS: full-time study / combined study                                 

Study branch:
                                   - ECONOMICS AND LAW IN BUSINESS: full-time study 

Studies program Security Legal Studies

Study branch:
                                   - SECURITY LEGAL WORK IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: full-time study / combined study

Study branch:
                                   - TECHNOLOGY TO PROTECT OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY: full-time study / combined study