1st reason

We can recite well, and therefore teach you, we are able to attract and expand your horizons, try to connect theory with practice. We Erasmus and support you, if you want to go abroad.

2nd reason

We are located in the city center, recite also in English, we are a multicultural college. Unites generations, we are responsive to their students-clients and their individual needs. We respect that each of us is unique.

3rd reason

We unite graduates VŠKE and organize for them extra lectures, and in support of student life (day zero, dating party, Christmas party, ball VŠKE, graduation party, boating water) we want to be with students and graduates are still in touch.

4th reason

In the study may be obtained free of internationally valid certificate "Cisco Academy"

5th reason

In this course "special firearms training" you can get a gun license.

6th reason

Without entrance exams - is only motivational interviewing


Organizational structure

Management of the College

 Dr. Martina MANNOVÁ
 doc. Ing. Jaroslav DOČKAL, CSc.
 Vice-rector for Science and creative activity
Phone number: +420 515 917 608
Cell phone: +420 737 215 217
email: jaroslav.dockal@vske.cz 
 doc. Ing. Hana BOUŠOVÁ, Ph.D.
 Vice-Rector for the Economics and Management  Study Program
 Bursar (marketing and external relations)
Phone number: +420 515 917 612
Cell phone: +420 773 560 017
email: jarmila.vasulkova@vske.cz 

Business Simulator of Karel Englis

 GFX | /obsah/lide | moskvanova.jpg  Bc. BcA. Lenka MOŠKVANOVÁ
project manager
Cell phone: +420 733 713 702
email: lenka.moskvanova@vske.cz 

Study Department and Coordinator for International Relations

 GFX | /obsah/lide | stejskalova.jpg  Mgr. Jana STEJSKALOVÁ

Phone number: +420 515 917 601
Cell phone: +420 777 939 107
email: studijni@vske.cz 


 GFX | /obsah/lide | KONICKOVA.jpg   Barbora KONÍČKOVÁ  Phone number: +420 515 917 602
Cell phone: +420 774 454 958
email: knihovna@vske.cz 

IT Specialist

 GFX | /obsah/lide | Sikora-mala.jpg   Mgr. Jan SIKORA   Phone number: +420 515 917 600
Cell phone: +420 775 560 417
email: jan.sikora@vske.cz 

Economics Department

 Šárka Hubatková 
 Head of Economics Department
Phone number: +420 515 917 607
email: ucetni@vske.cz 

Specialized Center of Education and Languages

 Heads of Department 
Phone number: +420 222 200 505-6 
Cell phone: +420 773 693 660
web: www.scel-vske.cz
email: scel@vske.cz