Crisis management 2016

the 9th International Scientific Conference


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The conference has had a firm place in the list of scientific conferences in the Czech Republic and it has been also known abroad. The conference has provided good working and social conditions for meeting of experts in safety management, for exchanging information and networking in the scientific and safety fields, and for the cooperation on professional as well as social level.

Experts and professionals from the Czech Republic and other 4 European states took part in the conference. The conference was prepared as a Karel English College Inc. project.

The conference was held under the auspices of:

  • Governor of South Moravia Region JUDr. Michal HAŠEK
  • Vice - General Director of the Fire Rescue Service, Brigadier General Dipl. Eng. Miloš SVOBODA 
  • Rector of the Karel Englis College, Inc. Assoc. Prof. JUDr. Zdeněk KOUDELKA, PhD.

Among those who accepted the invitation to the conference as guests were from the Czech Republic: the Governor of the Zlin Region MVDr. Stanislav MIŠÁK, from the   headquarters of the Fire Rescue Service in the Czech Republic Ing. Ivan KOLEŇÁK Colonel (retired), and from the Regional Office of the South Moravian Region Mgr. Martin KONÍČEK, Head of Department, Security Director. From abroad there were present for instance: prof. Ing. Zdeněk DVOŘÁK, Ph.D., the dean of the Faculty of Special Engineering at University of Žilina, from the University of Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach in Poland Dr. Jarosław Wenancjusz PRZYBYTNIOWSKI, Prof. MUDr. Petro Zamiatin, PhD., from the Institute of NAMS, Ukraine, and Prof. Dr. Želimíir Kešetović, PhD., the vice Dean of the Safety Faculty in the Beograd Univerzity, Serbia. The invitation was also accepted by business professionals and representatives from the Public Administration office.

The 9th International Scientific Conference “Regions Safety” was held in Brno on June 21st and June 22nd 2016. The conference was divided into the following sections:

1st section: Safety in ensuring regional development,

2nd section: Civil Protection in municipalities and regions,

3rd section: Security research and its results,

4st section: Modelling activities in emergencies

Altogether 98 experts (university teachers and researchers, specialists from the safety management of Public Administration office and business professionals) – 73 from the Czech Republic and 25 from 4 European states – participated at the conference.