Our programmes

The Language Centre offers the most effective and intensive (up to 28 lessons/week) and economical (see current courses and prices table) courses of language and special preparation for entrance examinations and study at institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic.
The biggest advantage of the Centre is that we are an accredited institution of higher education, and we have vast real (not only claimed) possibilities to offer our students the largest spectrum of individual services. This will help them to use both their finances and their time effectively. Instead of pre-prepared packages with fixed prices, we offer our students the possibility to prepare their own individual programmes with the help of our specialists and consultants, and thus choose subjects and number of lessons that are necessary for them. Another advantage is that the students can choose the language of these subjects (Czech, Russian or English).
Students who would like to start studying at our College after completing the language and special preparation courses will have further options. Those of them who successfully finish the first semester and pass an exam (B1 level of language) can be admitted into the first year of one of the Bachelor’s study programmes at VSKE and start their studies in February. In this case, their study programme will be adjusted to their time schedule so that they can continue with their studies of the Czech language. 
For those students who are confident enough about their language abilities, and do not want to spend a year studying only the Czech language, we offer a “combined” programme which enables them to combine a Czech language course at the Centre with the study of their chosen bachelor’s study programme at VSKE in the full extent.
The first stage of instruction starts on 1st August 2013 and ends on 13th November 2013. Students will take an exam in the Czech language (level B1). On 15th November 2013, there will be enrolment in the study programme and students will obtain individual study plans. This will enable them to study both the language course and the Bachelor’s study programme. The price of this programme is the same for all branches of VSKE.
The dates of instruction at the Language Centre's courses enable students not only to save money but also shorten the length of instruction at some private institutions of higher education - including our college.