• Our vision

    We have a single vision - to provide our students with an education that facilitates their excellent professional application.

    We can recite well, and therefore teach you, we are able to attract and expand your horizons, try to connect theory with practice. We Erasmus and support you, if you want to go abroad.

  • 10,20,50?

    In education, we operate more than ten years, and its main advantage is considered an individual approach to students.

    Whether you are twenty or fifty, with us you can study the field of your interest.

  • Education that fits

    We want to be a stable educational institution providing such education students, which helps their excellent professional application with regard to their other interests and development. All thanks to the transfer of "know-how" and "best practices" of teachers and practitioners. We observe continuously the needs of the labor market in the competency profile of graduates, we recognize not only the dynamics of the development of the business, but the general social environment, which we mention in accordance with their needs, expectations and opportunities.
    All with regard to their lifelong development and education. We place emphasis on professionalism, and also on a high pedagogical expertise of our academic staff.

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  • Individual approach with history

    College Karla Engliše working in the field of education for many years and their main advantage is considered an individual approach to students. We are universities not only for fresh graduates secondary and vocational schools, as well as for graduates with "earlier date" graduation.
    Study at college can be daily or combined form. Thanks to an individual approach to students here can in combined studies (distance learning) study employed people, businessmen and businesswomen, parents with small children or parents should be our full-time students.

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